We’re sinks with no plugs!

Let me just dive right in… how much water do you drink daily – honestly?

We all know how important water is but sometimes we forget just how important it is.  Water makes up 50-75% of our body weight, which is a big indicator to how essential it is.

Here’s just some of the things it helps with and what we need it for…

  • Going to the loo and removing waste & toxins
  • Breaking down and carry the nutrients around our body and in the blood
  • Regulating our body temperature – being able to sweat accordingly
  • Functioning of the kidneys & liver
  • Creating a good environment for reactions in the body to take place (Being a good host!)
  • Structure and shape – so we aren’t just a bag of wrinkly bones!
  • Keeping us focussed on tasks & staying alert
  • Keeping body parts all oiled up & lubricated! Keep that mind out the gutter I’m talking about mouths, eyes, organs and joints

Even if we lose just 2-5% of our body weight in water – our body will start putting up red flags. On an average day we lose about 2.5litres of water just through breathing, sweating, and going to the toilet – that’s without doing exercisSinke. We lose water fast and there’s no stopping it – we are like sinks with no plugs! If we don’t drink enough then there’s a good chance we might find:

  • Our wee starts to smell and turn an unpleasant colour
  • we get dry skin
  • we get headaches
  • Our heart rate increases
  • we become irritable, dizzy & tired
  • We become more susceptible to illnesses & bad skin as the nutrients aren’t being carried around as effectively.
  • We develop urine tract and kidney infections (guilty!)
  • Our body feels creaky
  • We are bloated and probably constipated!

All things I know we want to avoid right?

The scientific people out there recommended we drink 1ml of fluid for every calorie (kcal) we burn – but not everyone knows how much energy they burn a day & we’re not clones. The amount of energy we use up differs depending on our age, weight, gender and activity level. This is why drinking a minimum of 2 litres a day is suggested (even more when we participate in exercise) to keep up with daily fluid requirements. This is alongside the fluid we get from food.

water-tapSo some easy tips…

  1. Have a small glass of water (bottled or good old tap water) first thing when you wake up and last thing before you go to bed
  2. Have a glass before every meal (this also prevents eating too much as we can misread when we are full up or not)
  3. Mix it up with hot water and lemon/lime/orange wedges – or even with ice cold water or carbonated water (if you are one of them strange people!)
  4. Drink little and often, don’t wait until you’re thirsty (thirst is a sign of dehydration!)
  5. You can have a glass of fruit juice or non-added sugar drinks or milk/soy/almond, but best to keep that to just small glass, because of their sugar content.
  6. It’s super important to sip on water during exercise.
  7. Buy a reusable bottle that you can fill up and carry around. This helps make it easier to track how much you’ve drank for example a 750 ml bottle needs to be refilled 3 times (2.25 litres).
  8. *My top tap tip* Every time you make a drink from the tap, or from the bottle drink half of it at the sink/fridge & then refill it back to the top before carrying on with what you was doing!

tap and bottle

What about wine flavoured water?

Unfortunately alcohol does not contribute to this daily intake & you might have noticed I’ve avoided tea and coffee & I love a good cuppa or good coffee, but they increase water reduction. (We actually lose a ⅓ of the water we drink when we have tea & coffee, which can make us dehydrated if we don’t top up our fluids).

So if you don’t want to be irritated and constipated with smelly wee and creaky joints make sure to drink up & look after yourself! x

Published by Selfe

Professional freelance Dance artist, teacher and personal trainer, working with clients and dancers. Hoping to forever be learning, sharing & helping.

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