A pot of “Business only” gold

I try my hardest to make my sessions with clients, or when I’m teaching to be personal, memorable, transferrable and fun. I use personal training to help make people feel strong, not just in sessions with me but everywhere even if it’s just getting the shopping from the car. Yes I can help with weight and fat loss, but my main focus is to bring back some fun into your life and whilst making you feel stronger and feeling good about yourself, through your continuous hard work.

If I miraculously fell into a “business only” pot of gold, I’d build a small outdoor activity obstacle course as well as an indoor playground with different equipment; With two sprung floor studios with loads of natural light for dancers, client meetings, workshops – all kinds of events! It would be somewhere for dancers to rehearse and become stronger allowing them to experience different visual environments but in one place.


I can envisage it in my head, somewhere where all different people would cross paths, all sharing the desire to better them self for them self. There’d be guest mentors and specialists coming in to host sought after events. I’m already marrying my passions of wellbeing & fitness with dance and artistry; but to have a base and somewhere to have it all in the same place would be amazing.

Of course at the moment this plot of land is only a dream (cue to violins!) With lots of finer details to explore – SO in the meantime, I’ll stick to my agility ladder and trusty cones. I’ll still train my clients to meet their needs – your needs, still help encourage you to focus on becoming stronger (in both body and mind) and happier.

Side note: Sometimes I can feel unneeded, in the background, not valued, sometimes I feel lost – but when I train clients, train myself, when I perform and when I teach, I feel present with a purpose again. Sadly sometimes not everyone gets a buzz in their lives… so does what makes YOU excited and feel alive? What dream, would your pot of “business only” gold make true? Let me know – I want to know more about YOU!

(enjoy the tune!) Xx


Published by Selfe

Professional freelance Dance artist, teacher and personal trainer, working with clients and dancers. Hoping to forever be learning, sharing & helping.

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