January – Gone.

Oooh right – so that’s January gone then.

How did those resolutions go for you? Not so well?  Or are you now a reformed person who exercises every day and sees as many of their friends as possible as well as eating organic fruit and veg all day – well, well done you!

But for the rest of us let’s talk a little bit more.

So firstly what are all these crazy posts I’ve seen about January going on forcac9fe8e0f505cffdc64a2c13c44b0a8days and weeks… do you remember how quickly 2017 went? We don’t want a repeat of that, do we. January is a bit of an odd one, that first week we’ve still got to get through those left over chocolates and snacks, that fall out the cupboard every time we open it or sit glaring at you on the side. Then comes the second week, where we really try to implement those resolutions of making time for all your friends and starting our new exercise programs; it’s a little daunting.




And suddenly, we are on a boom after realising after the fun and festivities we had, we are now head first back into reality. Oh and not to forget that Blue Monday which615bf8f5534338310d969d3cdfb9d875 sits comfortably on the 3rd Monday of January (not that a term coined 14 years ago should affect us!). We realise about now that, that lovely early payment we got before christmas, doesn’t quite stretch as far as we’d like; it’s still dark and cold, and the 1200 kcal diet is starting to show his flaws. Many of us took part in dry january and therefore just avoided social outings altogether! (“No nan, I will have to reschedule the sunday lunch for february!”).

Wow – what a load of negativity that was.

Smiles, sunshine, unicorns and babies… ahh much better!

So the resolutions didn’t stick? That is absolutely fine! That doesn’t mean just forget about them. January is only 1/12 of our year, so I think we should treat it as ou077989612a6724fa2fde02a02201f810r warm up. It’s that time of year where might analytically review where we are at & what on earth is going on in our lives, feeling a lack of control – which can be a bit overwhelming, especially if we start to compare ourselves to others (hmmm we need to stop doing that) – so it’s no wonder we can resent Jan a little and take on too much trying to correct all these things.

So let’s get to the positive part, eh?!

Why did you choose to take on new resolutions in the first place? Are they going to help you reach your goals, or help your wellbeing, or positively impact your everyday life? Then let’s try again. Don’t bombard yourself with too much. Want to see more friends more often? How lovely, okay well plan ahead & get a diary! (Pen and paper are little gems I tell ya’!) Look at your calendar and set dates to see people, you’ll be much more likely to see more friends more often. I wouldn’t suggest leaving it until 5.30pm on a Friday night!

Lets re-wind to that diary idea again. Using a calendar or a diary, will help you visually see your weeks and months. It will allow you to pencil in gym classes, or exercise session, create time for you, time to see your mum, time for personal planning/business planning, rehearsals, make sure schedule in a sofa sunday and time for you. Did I mention time for you? I don’t want to quote that over-used saying ‘failing to prepare is preparing to fail’ but being able to visually see your plans really helps you keep on top of things and take back control.
eb9e2b4a48449e9f2e2dfd5fcbe4ca31We still have another 11 months to enjoy and explore new things – so don’t give up on the resolutions just yet, make some mistakes and then make some good decisions and goodhabits! (a little link here to a blog that touches on habits) . A year is 12 months (just in case you didn’t know), so it makes sense to me that a ‘new years resolution’ would take more than a month to really emboss it into our lives, perhaps it takes the whole year. We may not think we even need resolutions to improve our lives, but it’s about trying to reflect on what’s working and why. It’s about making each month count, so that when we get to December 2018 we can be proud of ourselves knowing that we tried and used our time how we wanted to.

Get to the end of February and think ‘February – gone done’.

Ya’ Gotta do it for your selfe!


Published by Selfe

Professional freelance Dance artist, teacher and personal trainer, working with clients and dancers. Hoping to forever be learning, sharing & helping.

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