Rolling but not wriggling: A 28 Day challenge!

Straight to the point; I have great trouble with dull achy legs. Anyone else get that?

But over the last week, I’ve struggled to get comfortable falling asleep and have had funny twinges and pains. I get a real dull ache on the outside of my shins and at the front of my ankles. It’s been something that’s niggled away for about two years.

On top of this I have noticed decrease in my flexibility and only take part in deep stretches after a heavy rehearsal or workout (that’s if I don’t have to run to catch a train).

“Why don’t you go and see someone then, instead of telling us about it?”

Well, that’s a good point but in fact last November I did; I saw a physiotherapist and a sports massage therapist at Function360 in Moorgate, London. After my discounted first session, it didn’t take long for my bank balance to kindly dismiss anymor

e visits. That’s not to say the therapists were not fabulous – but as I’m sure you freelance dancers know – weekly sessions at full price is not affordable! In fact for most people it’s not affordable (although of course for some people it is completely necessary).

However, that’s not to say I didn’t take away some helpful information. I was already aware that my TFL muscles (Tensor Fascia Lata – not quite transport for London) the outside of my hips were tight which is what I always tried to release them along with my IT band that runs down the si

de of the thigh and across the knee. But I didn’t realise that I had underactive glute minor muscles which cause my TFL to work overtime!

So I knew I had to give myself a bit more TLC for my TFL but then my rehearsals quietened down over christmas and the pain dissipated. Silly billy, ofcourse the real issue hadn’t been addressed, so come January when work picks up, the pain picks up and I’m still not in the position to pay for physio/deep tissue massages…

Now what I’m about to say might come as a shock BUT stretching, and self-massage is surprisingly a whole lot cheaper – who would have thought it? I already regularly use tennis balls and a hockey ball to help with releasing muscular and myofascial tension as well as foam rolling. But I only do it once the pain sets it – oops!


As for stretching – I already stretch, but I no that the quality and quantity of my stretching, usually due to time constraints (which is another blog topic!) is quite poor. Which led me to do a little bit of research into the best daily stretches and yoga flows for releasing muscular tension and aiding better mobility and flexibility.

Yin Yoga

is said to help release the the connective tissues, by holding yoga poses and positions for 2-5 minutes allowing the muscles/tendons/ligaments to actually release. The idea as I’m aware is to try and focus on breathing and keeping still to allow maximum relaxation in the tissues. Yin yoga is also based on the Yin and Yang concept, which I feel is present in all our lives (gotta get them hippy vibes in there).

(Get on with it!)

*Ta-da* I have decided to set myself a challenge! I am going to devise a small daily routine of foam rolling and taking part in yin Yoga. In some of my blogs I am aware that I like to set challenges to you, my lovely readers, but I do also set myself the same challenges. I’m going to be rolling but not wriggling!

…and so my 28 day personal challenge of foam rolling and yin yoga practice starts today on Monday 5th February 2018! I’m going to document it as much as possible and diarise it (more so for my benefit and to keep me on track!).


If you have experience or some good words of advice about foam rolling or yin yoga I would love to hear them! Drop an email on the contact page or direct message us on Instagram.

Here I go! Xx

Published by Selfe

Professional freelance Dance artist, teacher and personal trainer, working with clients and dancers. Hoping to forever be learning, sharing & helping.

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