Founder: Hayleigh Sellors, professional dance artist and qualified personal trainer.

About Hayleigh

I am a professional dancer, trained in contemporary and hip hop styles, currently working with Hip Hop Theatre companies in London, as well as a qualified Strength & Conditioning coach, Online Coach, Movement specialist, and wellbeing advocate. After graduating with a BA in Dance in 2015, I found myself still not equipped with the tools I needed to sustain a career as a dancer. In 2017 I qualified as a personal trainer, to help bridge that gap and understand how to strengthen and look after my body and mind properly. I have continued developing my skill set as a movement specialist alongside my artistic career.

I love being able to combine and integrate both these passions, as well as advocate the importance of mental wellness and welfare, not just with in dancers but with all my clients. Getting creative with movement and going beyond sets, reps and exercises excites me, alongside continually conducting my own research into movement practices and wellbeing.

About Selfe

Selfe, represents and encompasses the many associations we have with our ‘self’. We are continually changing and adapting, and operate from different emotions and states of ‘self’; working through the positive and the not so positive connotations of our self. Through Selfe I work with clients & dancers to build strong bodies as well as enable clients to feel self-accomplished & self-empowered, in their training and daily life.

The style of training used with clients is influenced by a mix of different movement practices, such as mobility, agility, specific-strength training, flow techniques, and dance. The physical training supports dancers and movers by enhancing their strength and movement patterns, which is paired with a focus on self-reflection and mental wellbeing. I provide bespoke training individual to different dance styles, lifestyles and clients