“She fully understood my current training situation & facilitated a healthy training ground to improve my fitness alongside my ongoing injury!”

Online Coaching

Online coaching, allows you to focus and exceed personal or performance related goals. I can accomodate your needs and work with you to provide tailored, ongoing support. Whether you’re working towards a performance, a rehearsal process, personal goals or just want to improve your overall physical and mental wellbeing, we can reach these goals together.

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Strength & Conditioning, Mobility and movement: for dance companies, groups and workplaces

By working closely with artists and companies, through Selfe, I advise and create exercise programmes & group training for companies, to strengthen the individual bodies and minds, as well as improve the morale and company’s physical potential.

Workshops & Events

There are several events and workshops through the year, open to all, a great way to keep adding to and challenging your skillset, as well as share the room with all different people. Workshops can also be adapted to individual groups, colleges & universities.

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