All you do is talk about your-selfe!

Well I hope you don’t actually believe that– but let’s talk about  Selfe! Read Morecogs

For a few years now I’ve felt like I have a purpose to help or give back in some kinda way but with no idea how or what. It’s only been in these last 9 months that the old brain has slotted its cogs all together and something just clicked.

Background Check…  So I am a freelance dancer, teacher, personal trainer & nutritional advisor. So I wear a few hats, that many people don’t realise but I wanted to find a way to use my hats to benefit others and myself (here she goes talking about herself again!). I also love rolling around on the floor, learning new things and adventuring outside. (The rest of my CV can be requested via email!)

Yeah, yeah get on with it…  So back in May 2017, I was invited to attend Flight Mode, a program set up by the wonderful Rachel Kay & it came at a time of big unforeseen changes in my life that were out of my control. She made us feel vulnerable, humbled, empowered and made us really self-reflect upon our choices, our journeys and our future. By the end of the 3 months, the sessions helped me make sense of what it was I needed to do to with my professional and personal attributes and what my purpose was. Then somehow September snuck up on me and I had all these ideas, but still the old brain cogs weren’t quite slotting together – how could I have a positive impact on other people’s lives?


It was only through talking to friends & dancers as well as looking at what has happened in my life and those closest to me that I had the infamous light bulb moment (Ta-da!). We are all different, in the way we think, from our strengths to our insecurities to our favourite character from friends! The list goes on.

My challenge is to use these differences to help individuals feel, self-empowered, self-motivated, self-confidence self… hang on a minute, I see a common thread here! In short – Selfe is a two legged beast (for the time being) that:

  1. Focuses on promoting the role of strength and body awareness, rather than appearance. How to make strength training work for you, how it transfers into other parts of our lives and how it creates that feeling of self-accomplishment!
  2. Selfe also works with dancers, enabling them take to responsibility for their bodies, professionalism and become stronger physically and mentally in their field.

I am not claiming to be a fountain of knowledge, but I do know that I have sound knowledge that I keep adding to and absorbing, that can be transferred, mixed up, copied, pasted and passed on to help others, so they can use it and feel self-empowered and self-motivated!

So there you go, that’s blog post number one done… Stay tuned Xx

Published by Selfe

Professional freelance Dance artist, teacher and personal trainer, working with clients and dancers. Hoping to forever be learning, sharing & helping.

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