The workshop: what’s it all about?

So this months blog is all about the first workshop that is coming up very very soon! I am excited… and a little nervous to say the least! But I felt with Selfe still being very new with it only officially launching in January 2018, there is probably a few questions unanswered, so I hope this addresses them!

Of course – there are many many styles, methods and combinations of training out in the universe, which will or won’t work for different people. But I am combining my Personal Training and dance career so far to help dancers create or enhance a strong base for their craft. This varies from working with artists & companies, looking at how dancers warm up for rehearsal or class, to re-tuning the body, to working on power vs endurance, mobility and conditioning, rehab and prehab exercises… there’s lots.


And there’s also many cross overs between training athletes and training dancers as well as the dancer-specific needs/training. Even still, there is definitely a missing link between “fitness” and dance (specifically avoiding the term ‘dance-fitness’!), that we need and It doesn’t always mean everyone in a room doing 100 burpees and crunches. This is why those with interests in calisthenics or exploring the possibilities of human movement will enjoy the workshop as well. There is so much more that we can explore and be creative with, which is why I am hosting the open workshop, to exchange and to provide exercises/tools/challenges that can be taken away and applied, to aid personal development. It’s about making an investment in yourself, in your capabilities and your development.

I feel as dancers and as humans we stick to what we know, and if you’ve followed the blog you’ll know that we are creatures of habit. For example it’s easy to go into auto pilot mode and go through the motions of warming up our bodies, without creating a mind to muscle connection & preparing ourselves for what we are actually about to endure. What are you thinking about when you’re warming up? It ties in with the previous blog (What are you doing for YOUR body?) looking at what we do with or for our bodies.

Just think, how hard do you go in class or rehearsals, or in that HIIT class – think of the impact you place on your body and how you well prepare for it, or not. Alternatively you might find you want to go full out class or rehearsals, but you can’t because there’s some sort of barrier preventing you…

Sometimes ‘”basic” & controlled exercises are what many of us need to reconnect with our bodies; isolating muscles and joints to work both independently and cohesively together. Developing and re-tuning the deep tissues of our bodies, to enable maintenance, rehabilitation and longevity is so important. It won’t happen overnight, but there is a big need for it, as it gets hugely overlooked by everyone – dancers or not. It may sound a little bit tame, but trust me it’s not so easy!

To continue, what I’m finding in my own training as well as with clients,  is how improving mobility and movement ranges (this is different to flexibility!) is a lot more rewarding then you might think and it actually makes us more proactive in how we are applying what they we are learning to our craft and everyday movement.

Open Workshop

On to the exciting stuff, I think it is anyway – using body weight and simple resistance or mental cues to work the mind and body, to increase body awareness and challenge our normal movement patterns with in the dance style/choreography, or even just every day activity patterns.

  • For example, using resistance bands to challenge our movement in different planes,  and identify muscle imbalances, or areas we’ve neglected.
  • Loading different muscle fibres and core stability; or training different movement patterns to generate more power and speed.
  • Playing with different external cues such as sounds and speech or physical barriers to create more feedback & awareness of muscles – that the nervous system can’t quite digest just by the use of vocal description or demonstration.
  • Using body weight to build strength for explosive movement, floor work and increase ranges of movement.

 The workshops are made up of all the above: a variety of drills, exercises, games, team work and participant input to create challenging ways to help and motivate dancers and those I like to call movement explorers!

I’ve become a little bit of a geek, enjoying creating new exercises and pairing styles together to give dancers & clients a service they can utilise and apply to their own training. So come along, lets share skills, lets challenge each other & lets motivate each other! Please email or leave a comment if you want to share ideas or find out more!

Where? Creation Box, Newnham Terrace, London

When? Sunday 27th May, 10.30am – 1.30pm

How Much? £12

Tickets available here



Published by Selfe

Professional freelance Dance artist, teacher and personal trainer, working with clients and dancers. Hoping to forever be learning, sharing & helping.

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