Ban the Festive Binge?

Christmas is only 10 days aways and I’m sure the work christmas parties are well on their way, the mince pies are out, the celebrations have been opened (the maltesers falling second place to galaxy, obviously!) and the bubbly is flowing, whilst our fridges are seeing seasonal sensational delights. chocs

But is it all too much for our body’s?

So I watched an interview on Good Morning Britain, with journalist & author Liat Hughes Joshi who was against the influx of christmas indulging and the opposing Aldo Zilli, the italian TV chef who was in high spirits about celebrating and enjoying the treats from 1st December. Both interviewees gave good points for & against binging over the christmas period, but it’s worth taking everything with a pinch of salt.

The interview had Liat’s scaremongering comments that although might have truth in them – was not in my opinion the best way to address the topic and the nation. Comments such as “If you eat an extra 200-300 kcal a day [mince pies] for a month you can easily put 3 or 4lbs. If you don’t lose that and eat it every year, [then] that’s why we have an obesity kpielcrisisand quoting the infamous line, “a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips”. 

Now maybe I am wrong but I think making statements like that are unproductive in her aim to help the british public be aware of what they are eating. Don’t blame christmas for obesity! Of course she makes a valid point that eating a mince pie a day will increase our energy intake & also rightfully explained that indulging everyday through out December is not good for our health and puts stress on our bodies, especially as many then take up fad diets and unsustainable fitness regimes come 1st January.

Liat Hughes Joshi, in her own right is a well published author and journalist but her delivery of knowledge can be off putting for some audiences – especially when asked “How do you stop yourself?” she replied “I have a lot of self control” – but for alot of us that isn’t as easy as it sounds and can make us feel guilty or self conscious of enjoying a couple tipples and a few chocolates implying we will have a miserable first 2 months of the new year because we treated ourselves.

Therefore it’s important we address ourselves and don’t feel pressured or fall into the trap of eating because the choc’s are in front of us. If we give ourselves a couple of seconds to actually decide if we do or do not want a snack, or a turkey sandwich or another glass of baileys, we will start to gain control and will make happier choices.

Aldo Zilli described the December as “relaxing, indulging, family around the table, eating, drinking..”. Now I’m not sure that the whole month should be about indulging, but I do agree that the christmas period should be enjoyed and we should celebrate and relax with friends and families.gmb-e1513353921177.png

I realise the blog has been slightly biased or at least anti-Liat, however Christmas for me is my favourite time of year. I normally start getting really festive about now (10-12 days before the 25th),  meeting with friends, relaxing, enjoying other people’s company and having fun. If we do indulge every day than yes – it is excessive, and can affect our hormonal and energy balances as well as our mood and other functions of our bodies.

That’s why everything in moderation will help this Christmas and New Year.

  • If you are out for drinks, have single measures or small glasses of wine with a glass of water in between.
  • If you want a mince pie – you go eat that mince pie! BUT do not feel you have to eat anything that you don’t want too. “No thanks Nan, I’m full up”.
  • “who’s for seconds?” – something we’re all asked right? If you don’t want another plateful then politely say no thank you. Sometimes family can be a little pushy, so my tip if saying no isn’t an option is have a small plate to start with and if you are not full when you are finished, then you can have another small plate or just a few extra roasties! [From experience have smaller portions before you spend christmas evening holding the toilet!]


  • It’s not always about giving into that “S*d it, it’s Christmas” attitude because many of us if we are honest, will think – actually I don’t want to drink that, or eat that.
  • Go for some nice long walks. Christmas is hectic we’re trying to fit in seeing everyone, getting gifts and finishing projects for work before the new year comes. Exercise often is the last thing on our minds – so go for a few 20-30 minute walks. Win the family over by suggesting a ‘family christmas walk’, mum’s and nan’s will love that I promise!
  • As always – keep up drinking at least 2.5 litres of water a day especially if are also drinking alcohol.

So listen to yourself, enjoy yourself and look after yourself. I hope you are all enjoying the season so far and looking forward to what it brings! Xx

mince pie

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Professional freelance Dance artist, teacher and personal trainer, working with clients and dancers. Hoping to forever be learning, sharing & helping.

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