Mum’s the Word

It’s been a while I know – but I’m back!

The weekend just gone (the 3rd weekend of April) I had a little breakthrough. 

A few weeks ago I wrote down a list of everything I wanted to achieve, along with all my excuses of why I wouldn’t be able to achieve them. I read them over and over, and they have since been in the back of mind – correction, at the front of mind!

It turns out reading your own ambitions out loud, no matter how small or big, how silly or how spot on they sound – it can be very motivating but also very, very frightening. So what did I do next… nothing – because who wants to achieve their dreams, right? Or maybe it’s more who wants to fail...

But over this mid-April weekend, on what seemed to be the official sighting of sun & warmth since 2017, I had a few conversations with my mum, drinking coffee, going to the gym and for sunday morning walks, where I actually asked her “What’s next?” followed by “What’s stopping you?”. But she only went and spun the conversation on it’s head and posed the same questions to me – cheeky mare!

My easy Saturday morning breakfast! PB on crumpets with raspberry’s and a cuppa!

Now I usually brush those talks off, with a “Don’t really know, as long as I can survive [chuckle, chuckle – enter next topic!]”. Or I slot in a lovelllly little excuse – you see I can be quite flippant if I don’t want to admit to things or face things head on. I’d rather encourage others to open up, help them, see how I can improve their situations. Hmm that’s a little hypocritical Hayleigh!  But on this Sunday afternoon walking round the park, my mum, allowed me to say out loud what I had been circulating in mind.

Although a bit scary admitting out loud to someone else what you want to achieve especially to your mum, it can also solidify what you want even more – especially when she responds with “Right, well I can help with that” and D’you know what – sometimes that’s what we need to hear and what we need to allow happen; letting someone else help, again especially when it’s your mum. I’m not writing about financial support – I mean having people who unfortunately see the best and the worst of you – who can give you a nudge, a hand or a just an ear.

 As with most goals or dreams, you have to climb a ladder to reach the top (got to love a cliché!). Having already done the easy bit of identifying the little, daily, weekly things that are going to help get me where I want to be – it’s practising new disciplines that’s not so easy. But with the old mumzy (I mean young mumzy!) on team Hayleigh it doesn’t feel as overwhelming. It’s like exercise, it feels a lot more tangible and attainable not going at alone.

So there you go, that’s my little reset button pressed. But if you are struggling with taking up new habits, new goals, or you feel like you’re drowning & need a hand or an ear to rant to, look around you. Who can you be honest with? Personally I find writing things down first – pen to paper in bullet points helps me to physically see those grey areas that sit in your mind. So if you are struggling, give that a whirl first to make sense of things.

I hope this sprinkles some motivation in your day, or week or month.


Published by Selfe

Professional freelance Dance artist, teacher and personal trainer, working with clients and dancers. Hoping to forever be learning, sharing & helping.

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